Fashion Rant: Update: Cell Phone Hell-o

My, how times have changed! Cell phone plans are now completely focused on the smart phone user with few, if any, options available for the traditional (dumb) phone.

And I have become a convert. I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note II and am wondering why it took me so long. Actually, I know why it took me so long. The right phone hadn’t been made at the time of the original rant.

I couldn’t see spending the money on an iPhone. They seemed to be little more than expensive toys, much too small to be useful as a phone or a computing device. And although they have grown slightly in recent months, they still lag behind their larger and less expensive competition.

Let’s face it. Watching a movie or video on a too small screen is a waste of time. So many details are lost in the compression of the image. And no amount of extra pixels per inch will make up for the compression loss. The eye just won’t see it. And that goes for tiny text as well. It’s nice not to have to zoom in on every piece of text just to read it. And scrolling just increases the amount of finger grease left on your screen.

The current trend in cell phones is towards even bigger than the GN2. I’m not sure that people will feel comfortable with the bigger phones, but it sure beats the heck out of phones that get lost in your handbag.


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Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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One Response to Fashion Rant: Update: Cell Phone Hell-o

  1. dakegra says:

    I’m due an upgrade soon and am torn between the Galaxy S3 and the Nokia 920 – the S3 has a lovely screen, and is about the biggest size I think I can usefully manage, but the Nokia has by far the better camera. And I take a *lot* of photos with my camera.


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