Fashion Rants: Wallets

Ever notice that what seems like a really big wallet holds very little of your stuff?

These pre-stuffed wallets have been a pet peeve of mine for quite a few years. The problem seems to have become worse as time passed; most likely because we never complained.

The only wallets that I had any success with were made by Fossil. Lately, their wallets have fallen into the pre-stuffed category and I have been forced to look elsewhere for a suitable replacement.

My first attempt at a replacement was a Buxton wallet with a security lining meant to protect “smart cards” from having their data stolen. It was a good size, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. The ID slot was hard to reach and made providing my photo ID difficult. The anti-radio wave lining also prohibited tossing my phone inside of it for those times when I wanted to travel light.

I had about given up hope of finding anything that fit the bill when I stumbled across an “off” brand in TJMaxx. The wallet was a co-lab wallet in a nice shade of blue. After some research, I discovered that co-lab was the label of a Canadian designer who had a limited number of styles. None of his handbags were to my tastes, but this wallet was absolutely perfect. When filled to the gills with every card you can cram into it, there is still extra space. For one thing, my oversized Samsung Galaxy Note 2 fit inside!


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Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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