Fashion Rant: Spring Dress Coats

As warmer weather approaches, the search for a spring coat begins. Most spring jackets are informal zippered raincoats, suitable for a hike or other forms of outdoor activity. What I can’t seem to find is a nice dress coat.

There are plenty of wool, winter dress coats available. Most of them are European imports. I purchased one this winter to keep me warm without looking like I was dressing for an arctic expedition or a weekend ski trip. And now I am searching for a lighter weight spring/fall equivalent.

The closest that I have come is a rain jacket that I recently purchased from Lands End. It is a nice light-weight coat with a hood and buttons. In fact, it is more of a summer raincoat than a spring jacket as it doesn’t quite keep me warm enough against the March winds.

It also, sadly, isn’t quite wide enough across the shoulders. I’m happy to say that the fashion industry has finally caught on that larger women do not have stick figure arms. Now, if they would only make coats with a little give in the shoulders. A back pleat between the shoulder blades might solve that issue.

In the meantime, I will keep looking for that elusive Spring dress coat.


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