Fashion Rant: Handbags and Brand Loyalty

If you are like me, you have a favorite handbag brand. It’s the first place you go to look for a new handbag. For me, it has varied over the years from Liz Claiborne, through Stone Mountain, and most recently Fossil. Why the drift? There are several reasons.

Tastes change. Although initially attracted by Liz Claiborne handbags trendy styles, I drifted toward the more conservative Stone Mountain handbags, which were consistent in their styles, making only minor variations in the appearance of their handbags.  And when those  handbags drifted off into the gaudy, the sleeker Fossil bags took up the slack.

Technology changes. Pagers killed Stone Mountain. Their pager pockets made them very popular in the 1980’s when pagers were the rage. Their refusal to update from pager pockets to cell phone pockets did them in.

Needs change. Many of my choices in handbags were driven by the ages of my children. Large handbags make sense when you have small children. But now that they are grown, I find that I need only accommodate the space needed for travel or work.

Styles change. As mentioned above, style influences what we look for in a handbag. It pretty much goes hand in hand with our changing tastes. The trendy styles that worked for us when we were young may not work for us when we are older. And if your favorite brand goes totally trendy, it is time to look elsewhere. Fortunately, there are a lot of styles and manufacturers to choose from.

My most recent purchase is a nylon bag by Ellington. It has all the pockets I need in the places that I need them. The color choice was limited, but I’m happy with the color I chose. And I am so glad that I took a chance on a brand that I had never owned.

It’s closest competitor was a leather handbag by Michael Kors. Unfortunately, it was way out of my price range. But I am impressed that a company which I panned in the past for making “runway pretty but useless” handbags has stepped up to make both usable and trendy bags. If I had the cash, I would not be ashamed to carry a Kors bag.



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