Fashion Rant Update

First, the bad news. They still don’t make a bra that fits me properly. I’ve decided that bras only fit women who have had their boobs done professionally. So, no more wearing bras unless I have to wear one.

Sleeves are still a problem, but there has been some improvement. Thank you, for taking my rants to heart. Which reminds me, I need to order a few more dresses. Coat sleeves are my current peeve.

On the subject of handbags, I left out a high-five in the handle length area. For that matter, they deserve a round of applause. I don’t know whether they stumbled upon my blog or someone passed the complaint along, but one company has actually improved. They are still out of my price range, but I would definitely buy one of their bags now.

I had slammed them for being runway pretty, but generally useless. They are still runway pretty, but now they are very useful, well-organized handbags. If you are looking for an upscale bag that won’t disappoint, I highly recommend Michael Kors.

From the looks of things, shoes may be next on my hit list.



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