What Have I Got Myself Into??

Last semester, the PALS Club president resigned his position to concentrate on his internship as a corporate paralegal. We (the club membership and officers) knew this was coming and there was much talk about who should replace him.

After weeks of hearing about how I would make a good president, based on my work as publicist for the club, I succumbed to the pleas to run and volunteered for the position. My election to the office of club president was a shoo-in.

I spent the rest of the semester over-whelmed by the position and two remaining projects that would demand a great deal of attention from me. The projects came in on time and earned acceptable grades. I can’t say the same for meeting my duties as president.

We held a raffle that didn’t do as well as we had hoped. Someone will end up with some cash for the next semester and a check will be cut for the charity that the raffle was intended to help. That is the first thing that I need to get done.

Next on my agenda is the revision of the club charter. This is a task that I started a year ago with the blessing of the club president. Now, as president, it is mine to finish. Murphy showed up for this task, but fortunately early enough that I can recover. I will finish this before my internship starts mid semester.

I will have to see to it that we don’t miss opportunities to have fun and earn points. We also need to schedule some trips with other clubs. We also need more new members who can keep the club going. Starting from scratch is hard work. Spartan Fest is on the agenda for the coming semester. And we will have to vie for Club Wars again… because that was fun!


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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