Cold Storage – 3


When the Antarctic reappeared, it was several thousand parsecs beyond the jurisdiction of the High Council and Speaker Law. It was also on a collision course with an object that could hold at least a million ships the size of the Antarctic. Gaia and Zack managed to pull the Antarctic into orbit around the giant craft.

“Looks like it times to wake up the rest of the crew,” Gaia knew that Sander was already halfway to crew quarters by the time she finished the sentence.

A slow scan of the surface of the giant cylinder showed no visible means of entry. The front of the behemoth was concave with a central spire that appeared to be either collecting or emitting some form of low-radiation.

“What in the name of space is that?” Thaniel Phoenix, the Antarctic’s Engineer was the first of the now awakened complement to reach the command deck.

“I was hoping that you would know,” Gaia replied. “We’ll check it out if we ever find a way in.”

“Have you tried the back door?” Jason Freed was the ship’s Med Tech. He was from Old Earth, unlike the rest of the crew. He had joined the crew to study the Novans. He wanted to find how much alike or how different they had become since settling Nova Terra. . He had stayed because the Antarctic had become his home.

At the goliath’s stern, the massive thrusters forced them to move away to avoid a collision. As the Antarctic pulled away from the mystery ship, they were treated to a view of the leviathan’s engine array. Dead center of the ship’s massive thruster array was the way in.

The opening was just large enough to allow the Antarctic entry after trimming the shields and shutting the ram scoops. Thaniel started channeling power from the field drives to the shields and the scanners.

The crew braced themselves for penetration, but the Antarctic slipped smoothly inside the larger craft. The scanners revealed that the docking equipment on the unknown vessel was compatible. Gaia let her ship drift slowly against the docking contacts. The Antarctic was suddenly pushed backward as a docking airlock extended from the unknown ship.


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