One Weird Dream

“I awoke from a strange dream that I had fallen into a strange world. It was not my planet and not my body. As I rose with great effort from the soft bed of woven plant fibers, I looked at my appendages. They were not the elegant extensions that I was used to but were instead some strange tentacles with smaller tentacles attached to the ends.

The creature whose body I inhabited was awkward. Inside its appendages were weighty stiffeners that hindered fluid motion. It lumbered along the artificial turf seeking to relieve itself. It sat above a cistern full of fluid and added to it both liquid and solid body waste. After scraping squares of processed fibers across the area of evacuation, the creature depressed a small lever causing the cistern to empty and refill.

Leaving the cistern, it turned to a stone fount from which more fluid could be drawn through a metal duct. It stopped the egress of the fluid by lifting a metal rod and filled the fount with fluid. Grabbing a square of woven plant fiber from a nearby set of tubes, it drenched the square before dragging it across its phiz. After draining the fount, it drew more fluid into a small cylinder and drained the contents into its orifice.

It then shambled back to the room where it had slept to exchange its coverings before shambling off to another part of its abode. There it took two white ovoids out of a cold box and set them aside while it placed a flat container on top of a hot box. It broke the ovoids apart and deposited the contents into the heated container. After stirring the innards around over the heat, the creature deposited the now solid innards on a round ceramic disc. Hot brown squares of a spongy organic substance were lightly coated in congealed fat. The creature poured a steaming black liquid into a ceramic cylinder then added a cold white fluid. It sat at a hard, flat surface elevated by four slender props where it consumed the contents of the ceramic receptacles.

After completing consumption, it placed the ceramics and metal utensils into a metal basin. It grabbed several objects that I cannot begin to describe and headed toward an upright version of the surface that it sat by earlier. I woke up just as it attempted to egress its abode.”

Rya’s mate had listened attentively to her as she described her odd dream. “Well, you are awake now. It’s best not to dwell on these things.”

“Have you ever had any weird dreams?” Noa had aroused her curiosity with his dismissiveness. “Well, have you?”

Noa ignored Rya’s question. “Just lay your eggs. Let’s get this over with for the season.”