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The Alpha House

Excerpt from a work in progress:

The Alpha House

It was late on a Saturday night when blood seeped through the ceiling into the room below. The three roommates were holding a small party in their room when the first drop fell. The party quickly vacated the room when more blood dripped from the ceiling. At first the party hosts thought that the two roommates who occupied the room above them were pulling a prank. They went upstairs and began pounding on the door. “Not funny man!” They yelled through the door. “Guys, let us in!”

Frustrated by the lack of response, one of the fraternity members tried the door. An odd smell wafted out of the room – a mixture of night air and blood. Turning on the light, he saw several body parts scattered on the hardwood floor. He quickly closed the door. “Don’t go in there.” He pulled out his digital correspondent and tapped out the words “call police”.

A voice responded to his request. “Please explain the nature of the police emergency.”

“I’d like to report a murder at Alpha house. It’s a third-floor bedroom in the east wing. There are at least two bodies in the room. I can’t be sure though. Please hurry.”

Ten minutes later a detective arrived with a forensics team to collect evidence and document the scene of the crime. The also examined the room below. Forensics tacked a plastic sheet to the ceiling to collect the rest of the blood that filtered through. They removed the rug and furnishings underneath the seepage for examination.

The housemates were all interviewed about the victims and house activities for that evening. Authorities found no conclusive evidence to explain who committed the brutal slaying and dismembering of the house members. They ultimately dumped the investigation into the Cold Case files and forgot about it.