Fashion Rant: Breasts

Why are there still dresses being made and sold that ignore the fact that women have breasts?

I’m talking to you, Woman Within! You, who purports to supply dresses to the ample woman, seem to have forgotten this equally ample portion of a woman’s anatomy.

Or am I mistaken about your demographic? Your dresses seem more apropos to flat-chested cross-dressers than they do to actual women.

There are these wonderful things called “darts” that make allowance for a woman’s breasts. They allow the dress to drape more fluidly over a female form. Dresses without darts tend to pull, compress, and otherwise discomfort the breasts and neck.

Please change things before I start asking your customers to go elsewhere for dresses they can be comfortable in. Several places come to mind off the top of my head – eShakti,com and Lands’ End, for example.