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Chapter 1 – Here There Be Dragons! (excerpt)

Dragon Space – Earth Year 2457 “Where are we?” the young Ensign asked as he stared out the forward window. “Dragon space,” the thirty-something Commander replied. “Watch carefully, Ensign.” The Commander nodded toward the star field as a large Arc … Continue reading

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Work in Progress: The Ancient Among Us – The Deep Mission excerpt

From The Ancient Among Us Chapter 5 – The Deep Mission As Chase descended, the few shrimp and jellyfish encountered stayed behind. Nearing the bottom, she became the source of illumination in the cold dark of the Challenger Deep. She … Continue reading

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“The Devil, You Say”

Lucy Morgen had a secret. She was living a mundane life working at a mundane job typing up legal documents. It didn’t pay well, but it was enough to get by. It paid the rent for a comfortable one-bedroom apartment … Continue reading

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Todd and the Squid People

Book now available on Amazon.

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A Cold Day in Hell

The sky was dark an hour before the snow began to fall. It started as flurries followed by a temperature drop of several degrees. The snow started to fall heavily as large fluffy flakes began to cover the landscape. The … Continue reading

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Cold Storage – Kindle Edition

The complete short story is available on Amazon as a Kindle edition. (temporarily unavailable) Update: Short story is now included as a bonus chapter in “Todd and the Squid People” available on Amazon kindle.

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Siren Sea

Much of the planet was still recovering. History books were only now being rewritten, much of their content being drawn from the oral history passed down from one generation to the next. Along the way, some stories grew out of … Continue reading

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