Unexpected Guests [Doctor Who fanfic]

You could smell the rain. The dark clouds gathered slowly overhead while Sahara hurried home. She burst through her front door as the first crack of thunder echoed through the valley. She could hear the rain pound against the roof tiles as she slumped against the foot of the door. Her hearts pounded wildly.

It had not been a good day. A familiar creaking noise emanating from the sitting room only meant that it was about to get worse.

Sahara searched for her stunner and pushed herself upright against the door. She heard voices as the occupants of the TARDIS emerged.

There was something familiar about the tall man who entered her front hall. It wasn’t until he smiled and said “hello” that she recognized him.

“Brother?” she asked, “It can’t be.” She shook her head and lowered her weapon as the waves of familiar memories washed over her.

The shock of recognition silenced his face and he began to shake his head in denial. “Sahara?” he shook his head again. “No, it can’t be. You’re dead. I saw you die.”

“I survived,” she slowly walked toward the tall man and his companion. “I lost everyone else in the rift when I fell out here.”

“You know this woman, Doctor?” the companion inquired.

“Yes,” he paused. “Yes, I do.” He asserted, “She’s my sister.”

The companion’s mouth gaped open while the two Gallifreyans hugged.