Cold Storage – 7


Gaia, Sander, Zack, and Thaniel sat quietly while Speaker Law ushered in the rest of the council members. Ever since the arrival of Doctor Jason Freed and the Antarctic, the four had been assigned to assess the mission of the machine that passed itself off as human. The drama had finally played itself out, although not as the android nor its masters had hoped.

“What was on that ship that we just destroyed?” Speaker Law was not one to mince words. “Just how much of a threat was it to Nova?”

“Does anyone here remember Earth?” Gaia watched while every head in the room shook “no”. “Of course not, because we came here on a generation ship with limited resources. Our ancestors brought along a history of Earth. It detailed how the wealthy preyed upon the less fortunate members of society. And we built a colony without such predators.”

“When the mutations occurred, we couldn’t afford to sacrifice lives over petty differences,” Speaker Law interjected.

“But some of those differences were startling in their power,” Gaia grabbed Sander’s hand. “A war aboard ship would have destroyed any possible future. And killing infants was unconscionable when it was necessary to increase the population to useful levels after the disaster responsible for the mutations had decimated our numbers.”

“A decision that no one has regretted,” Speaker Law interrupted. “But you still haven’t answered my question.”

“The rich people who shipped out our ancestors while they stayed behind to finish their rape of the Earth were on that ship. The same people who refused to learn from their history. Those wealthy money hoarders who refused to pay their employees a living wage, who chose to deny basic human rights to people with the misfortune not to be rich – those were the occupants of that ship.”

“They sent our ancestors out to live or die on generation ships and to set up colonies that they might one day invade. They were going to steal the fruits of our hard work. They had forgotten how they had banished our ancestors to die in space, while they traversed space as frozen cargo to be resurrected on some thriving colony. They had forgotten – unfortunately for them, we hadn’t.”