Update On My Reading Backlog

I managed to make some progress along the lines of my unfinished book list.

I have completely given up on finishing Procrastination by J Burka and L Yuen because it is no longer relevant.

I found My Life by Bill Clinton to be too tedious.  I’m glad that he can remember every detail of his life, but I would have been happier with less of it.

I have finished reading Gateway by Frederik Pohl.  Once I got past the introductory chapters, I found a comfortable pace.  I’m happy that I stuck with it.

I am now working on Tales by HP Lovecraft.  The language seems a bit stilted, but it is not a “modern” book.  I would be remiss not to finish it. I have read the collected works of Edgar Allen Poe and survived that ordeal.

Currently waiting in the wings are Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse and Changes by Jim Butcher.  For a list of future purchases, check out my Recommended Reading page.