“Murder Mittens”

The Corvid Cops surveyed the murder scene, poked at the bloody remains, and made note of the bloody tracks leading away. The crime had been committed during the night under a moonlit sky. Feathers lay strewn about. Vital organs had been ripped clear of the torso. The Corvids were ill at ease because of the viciousness of the kill.

One of the Cops flew up to the nearest roof to survey the area for possible suspects. He should have been more observant of his landing spot. Soon after he perched on the edge to look down at the victim on the ground, he disappeared from view. His last cries for help could be heard from the ground as he struggled against the unseen attacker.

Two of his fellow officers took flight to discover the first held firmly in the clutches of an apex predator. They yelled down to their peers a single word of warning before fleeing the scene. A short while later the predatory beast left the rooftop, climbing into the building through a partly open window.

“Mittens!” a female voice rang out. “Where have you been? Is that blood on your paws?” The beast found itself swept up off the floor and being subjected to an impromptu bath. “Let’s get those lovely mittens all clean.” Mittens knew better than to struggle against the giant during the whole ordeal. Struggling only prolonged the unholy process. When it was over, the giant wrapped Mittens up in a warm towel and carried her over to a nearby heating vent. After being freed, Mittens shook off any remaining moisture and lay down for a warm nap.