Cold Storage – 2


Docking Bay Six had never seen so much activity in its four hundred and ninety-three years of existence. Four fully armed security officers posted themselves at the outer bay door, while four more posted themselves at the inner door. Two guards moved in on the Antarctic’s crew hatch while four more took stations at its cargo hatch.

If they had known about it, the Council would have assigned guards to the service hatch and the corresponding service entry to the docking bay. Gaia was able to slip through their security net through the service crawlway.

“Welcome aboard, Captain.” Sander Phoenix was the Antarctic’s second in command. He was a competent pilot, a capable engineer, and a master of the art of combat in space.

“Let’s get out of here,” Gaia took the pilot’s chair next to Zack Wald, her cousin as well as the ship’s navigator. I see that Council is still thinking in two dimensions.

Sander took his seat at the Antarctic’s defense console while Gaia brought the ship’s engines to life. The engine whine caused the guards to run for safety, which they barely reached in time.

As soon as the Antarctic cleared the bay, Sander activated the shields. Gaia kicked in the rams just as three patrol fighters appeared. The Antarctic managed to escape by engaging the field generators the instant the ship left atmosphere.