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Cold Storage – Kindle Edition

The complete short story is available on Amazon as a Kindle edition. Advertisements

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Siren Sea

Much of the planet was still recovering. History books were only now being rewritten, much of their content being drawn from the oral history passed down from one generation to the next. Along the way, some stories grew out of … Continue reading

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Scavenger Hunt

The Factory The building had been abandoned for twenty years. Nature had claimed much of the grounds on which it stood. Dahlia liked exploring old buildings. Sometimes she found interesting stuff there – old photographs, timesheets, accounting books, and other … Continue reading

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The Blanket

Charlotte sat in the corner of the room where no one could watch her knitting. She hummed a little tune while she knitted. A pattern formed in the fabric of the blanket as she finished each row of stitches. It … Continue reading

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Cold Steel Cubical

Maya awoke in a strange place. She was not at her desk, where she had fallen asleep after working through the night. Her cubicle at work was a warm, friendly place with pictures of her family and friends. It was … Continue reading

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The body lay all over the sidewalk.Ā  It popped like a water balloon, covering the side of the building and part of the street with body fluids. Nobody saw where it fell from. The police canvassed the neighborhood looking for … Continue reading

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Remnant has a new home

If you are following my blog because you are interested in Remnant and any other science fiction stories that I may write, you will need to follow my sci-fi and fantasy blog here: http://randommessagesfromthefuture.wordpress.com/ I apologise for the inconvenience to … Continue reading

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