Kitties In Space

Commander Harold ran to the bridge as fast as his four paws could carry him.  The spaceship had gone to “General Alert” and he had to get to his station.  Captain Titty was already there, mewing orders to the crew.

“Find out who is on that ship,” she demanded.

“It looks Sirian, Sir,” Ensign Sonic hissed.

The last thing they wanted was a faceoff with any spaceships from Sirius Four.  The canines were relentless when provoked.

“I want confirmation of that, Ensign,” Titty hissed back.

 “We have an incoming transmission,” Lieutenant Fweckles mewed.

“Put it on the view screen,” Captain Titty ordered.

The view screen barked to life. The Sirian on the other end of the signal was barking loudly.

“Somebody get Lieutenant Smokey.  Let’s get this translated before we get fired upon.”

Lieutenant Fweckles mewed loudly into the communications system, “Lieutenant Smokey, report to the bridge immediately!”

Lt. Smokey poked his head through the bridge access hole and upon hearing the barking immediately assessed the situation.

“He says his name is Captain Woody, Sir.  He’s too excited to make out the rest of what he is saying.”

“Can you get him to calm down?” Captain Titty asked.

“I can try.” Lt. Smokey hissed loudly at Captain Woody, causing the small spaniel to sit down and whimper.

“Now, ask him what the devil is wrong,” Captain Titty urged.

Lieutenant Smokey made noises approximating barks that seemed to confuse Captain Woody at first.  Woody listened with his head cocked to one side while Smokey repeated his question.

“I understand feline,” he barked calmly, “but I don’t understand a word you are saying.”

“How can we be of help?” Captain Titty mewed sweetly, almost purring as she spoke.

“We’ve lost a ship in this sector.  If they are alive then they will be running low on water and kibble.”  Woody sat down with a serious look on his face.

“We’ll be more than happy to help in the search, although we may know where they are.  We’ve been following a distress beacon.”  Titty also sat to show that she was not about to get into a brawl with him.

“We know about that beacon. It’s some kind of trap. That’s how we lost them; they were following it too.” Woody’s last comment ended in a mournful howl.

Then let’s take that beacon down and teach whoever is behind it not to mess with us!” Captain Titty stood up with her tail fully fluffed and hissed loudly, “It’s time to lock and load.”

Captain Woody began barking orders to his crew as both ships charged their weapons and set off to flank the signal’s source.  His first officer, Cmdr Mooch turned to Captain Woody and growled, “Can we trust them?  I mean, they are felines.”  The old Shepherd had lost part of a leg chasing down a rabbit in the last war and had become wary because of it.

“I’d rather trust Captain Titty than fight her.  She’s a good fighter, fast on her feet.  Best to have her on our side in this one.”  Captain Woody went to his command bed and lay there waiting for the two ships to arrive at the source of the beacon.

Commander Harold kept an eye on the Sirian ship while the rest of the crew went to battle ready.  He did not completely trust their new-found allies.  Long-hairs were always ready for the worst and he was already on his third scratching post, having totally destroyed the first two.

Ensign Fweckles started to deconstruct the distress signal to find its origin.  He discovered a weaker signal being transmitted on a narrow band.  It was from a Chook vessel identifying the pirates as Vulpines. “Foxes,” he hissed loudly. “It’s the damn foxes, Sir.  And they set this up to lure the Chooks.”

“Good to know,” Capt. Titty grinned.  “Tell the mutts what we know.  They don’t like the Vulpines any more than we do.”

 Captain Woody growled loudly, before springing to action. He ordered the launch of the Terriers to hunt down the Vulpine ships.  The Vulpine pirates had been a nuisance for some time.  Woody was going to end their reign of terror.

The bulldogs were on standby to launch and fire their missiles the minute the foxes were found.  The Frenchies had never missed a target in their long history of service.  Woody was certain that the felines could handle the beacon on their own.

Captain Titty assembled a special team of ninjas for the assignment.  They lived for stealth missions.  The mission pilot was Mothra, a seasoned veteran at flying below the radar.  The away team would be led by Peaches, who had trained both Oliver and Madam in the fine art of stealth assaults.  Once there, they would tear the place apart.  The foxes wouldn’t know what hit them.


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Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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One Response to Kitties In Space

  1. kathleen says:

    Yay . It’s a kitteh-palooza . 😀 shhh- but I think Lt. Fweckles is my fav.


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