My Twitter Rules

Twitter has been around for a couple of years, so I’m a relative newcomer myself. I like twitter because you don’t have to friend anyone; you make friends on twitter.

It’s not about the numbers. Obviously someone famous will have a lot of followers and someone of nominal interest will only have a few followers. I consider myself to be somewhat interesting and am happy to have the wonderful friends I’ve made on twitter.

These are my rules; they probably will differ from yours.


  1. Anyone may follow me.
  2. I do not automatically follow anyone. I will not follow you if all you do is post links, retweet other people or try to sell me anything.
  3. If you have a private account, I can’t follow you back unless you go public. This lets me see who you are and follow freely. You can always go private when you are through chasing new contacts.
  4. If you want me to follow you, you must say something to me or engage me in conversation.
  5. I will put up with occasional periods of stuff that does not interest me if I find you interesting.
  6. If I decide to follow someone, I do not expect them to automatically follow me.
  7. If you see someone on my list of followers or people who I follow that interests you, feel free to follow them.


  1. I seldom retweet, don’t expect thanks, and am genuinely shocked if I get retweeted.
  2. If you feel the need to retweet one of my tweets (or anyone’s tweet), please be kind enough to give proper credit.
  3.  If passing along someone’s retweet, keep the originator of the tweet and cut your friend/followed’s name. It’s the honest thing to do.


  1. If you decide to unfollow me, for whatever reason, that’s okay.
  2. It is also okay to change your mind and re-follow me if you decide that you miss me. I won’t block you for changing your mind.


I can handle a difference of opinion, or being called out when I’m over the line. I can handle friendly jibes meant in jest. In other words, I do not have a hair-trigger block, but I cannot and will not tolerate unprovoked personal attacks by mean-spirited people.  Flame me and you will be blocked!

If you insist on sending me spam, I will block and report you.

Any questions?